March 6, 2011

Just for fun…

New frame… what do you think?

March 4, 2011

Two’s a Charm

My friend, Stacey, makes FANTASTIC bags (messenger style, backpacks, purses and wallets) from your service member’s old uniforms. I just LOVE this idea! She has a Facebook site, Blog and Website and asked me to take a pic she can use for her logo. She’s even about to be featured on TV… check her out at Two’s a Charm. Make sure to tell her I sent you 🙂

Two's a Charm

Two's a Charm - Stafford, VA

March 3, 2011

CL 3 month session: Take 2!

This little guy’s Mommy asked me to come back for a second mini-session today in pursuit of that hard to catch 3 month old smile. He would smile if I talked to him, he would smile when Mommy did… in front of the lens, well… not so much! He sure is a cutie though and we got a bunch more adorable shots, including one or two of that grin!

March 2, 2011

New Products: Moo MiniCards and Frames

Half the size of a standard business card, MiniCards are great for showing off your session images. With the option of a different image on every card (same image on the back), the options are endless. Fantastic for Seniors to pass out to their friends, Parents to announce the birth of a new baby or Mom’s to use as Playdate cards. Save ’em, collect ’em and frame ’em in the Moo Mosaic Frame. Position (and re-position) your MiniCards to make the perfect arrangement: portrait or landscape! Create a unique work of art.

March 1, 2011

One of my all time favorite sessions…

I’ve been busy setting up my new Time Capsule/Time Machine so that all of your photos are safely backed up (*smiles*) and have spent some time looking through old pictures. I found this session and it is easily one of my all time favorites of this little cutie. Just seeing these “makes my heart happy”. I decided to go back and re-edit with some of my new filters and editing tools.  This sweet girl sure is growing up. I was SO in love with the pixie hair style and VERY sad to see it go.  Thanks to |Fotos by Nadine| Photography for the inspiration behind the block showcasing of the pics.

February 25, 2011

CL 3 month session.

Can you say chubby cheeks? This little guy is so darn cute and squishy! I made sure to get some snuggle time in during our session 🙂

February 22, 2011

Location, location.

I was looking back over photos that I have taken recently and it reminded me to mention to all of you that when you hire me to take your photos, we do not have to do it as a “formal” session. Sometimes the best photos of your kids come when they are, well, just being kids. While you are out and about doing your “regular thing”, take note of your surroundings. Maybe that park you go to all the time would be just the place for your next session. Just let me know!

February 22, 2011

So, what do we wear for our family photo??

I am often asked this and it is really not an easy question to answer. Above all, I would say that you need to feel comfortable and fantastic or you are not going to be happy with the end result. I think it also helps if the outfits you choose reflect your own personalities.

Keep in mind that you want to bring everyone together, but not be too matchy matchy. The idea is to have everyone in the same color scheme, but in different textures and patterns. Try to think of everyone’s outfits combined as one big outfit. If you put all the pieces of clothing that all the members of your family will be wearing during our photo session in a big pile on your bed, you want the pile to be colorful and have some variety but still look fairly pleasing all together.

The goal of any group shot is to direct the viewer’s attention to the faces. No one family member should stand out or distract from another. To accomplish this goal, it’s important to focus on coordinating outfits. This doesn’t mean everyone in the photo has to wear identical outfits. Rather, the idea is to make sure one family member doesn’t show up wearing shorts and a tank top when the rest of the group is sporting khakis and long-sleeved button down shirts.

  • Clothing should be free of distractions or busy patterns (“gentle” patterns are fine).
  • Avoid words or big logos on clothing. Your eye will immediately jump to them.
  • Make certain your shoes follow the same color scheme as the rest of your outfit. You never know when I will choose to shoot full length.
  • V-necks, square-necks and turtlenecks work well in group shots. Avoid shirts with floppy necklines or bulky cowl neck sweaters that overpower the face.
  • Wear long sleeves, or at least three-quarter length sleeves during group shots. Excessive bare skin tends to distract the viewer from looking at faces.
  • If you’re shooting an informal family portrait, then denim pants work well. Its classic style won’t distract from the overall look of the photo.

What to Wear
I think this photo (thank you to kellygorneyphotography) is a GREAT example. The colors all pull together, the patterns are not matching but complement each other and each outfit seems to suit the individual style of the wearer.

Lastly, if you simply cannot decide what you like best, bring more than one outfit. We can always find some place to change and we can see what works/looks best.

February 20, 2011

Giveaway Glory!

I’m always on the hunt for a bargain, and these Facebook giveaways are right up my alley! I’ve got a new girl sessions coming up and I would LOVE some of the props featured in this giveaway. It’s being sponsored by Jessica Feely Photography. If you have any interest in girly accessories you should check it out. They are great for props, but any girls would be lucky to have a gorgeous headband, purse, hat or more! Fingers crossed… winner announced February 23rd.

February 16, 2011

Newborns are just SO yummy!

Here is an opportunity to both share my most recent session with a very handsome boy AND a chance to try out adding photos to my blog.  This little cutie has quite the birth story.  His Mommy went into labor so quickly that his Daddy ended up delivering him (with some help from the 911 dispatcher) at home.  After spending the obligatory amount of time in the hospital, he came home to join his big brother and sister.  He was a bit of a challenge to shoot initially, as he wanted to look around more than let me pose him, but he settled in and we got these cute shots.

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